With paradise at your doorstep, the possibilities are endless. Explore the picturesque landscape on hiking trails, kayaking or afternoon kiteboarding, then enjoy a stroll through a nearby town before soaking up the sun at the beach. Whether you wish to have an active or a more relaxed time, the island’s rich culture and natural beauty wait to be discovered from land, sea, and air.



Large, open sandy beaches and warm water temperatures make Cabarete one of the best kiteboarding destinations the world has to offer. Consistent winds and crystalline waters create idyllic conditions for flat water kiting, long down winders and plenty of waves to ride. Flatwater in the lagoon, waves on the reef and everything in between means there’s something for everyone year-round. Nestled along a long, crescent bay on the North Coast, Cabarete buzzes with beginners to kiting junkies alike, while exuding relaxed Caribbean vibes.

Limon Waterfalls

At Ladera del Mar, every day is a breath of fresh air with amazing wildlife and fascinating sceneries just waiting to be discovered. One of the most awe-inspiring nearby attractions is Salto El Limón, an astonishing 52-m high waterfall centered around a tropical dry rainforest. Surrounded by abundant trees, vines and exotic plants, Limón Waterfalls is a picture-perfect hideaway. Ferociously cascading down soaring peaks into enchanting crystal-clear waters, is a swimming hole where you may take a dip, cool off and connect with nature. The 30- to 60-minute journey may be taken by a walking or horseback tour with plenty of river crossings and hidden gems along the way.


Whale Watching Samana

Just as idyllic weather summons visitors from around the world, the warm and shallow waters surrounding the beautiful Samaná Bay is a favorite destination for Humpback Whales. Every year from December to March, humpback whales travel from the seas of Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and North America, to the Caribbean Sea to give birth and seek a mate in the hot water. During these months, thousands remain in Samaná Bay. Despite their size, humpback whales are graceful acrobats. Keep your eye on the ocean and you might see one breach, propelling 40 percent of its body weight out of the water and landing on its side with a spectacular splash. There are few places on the planet for amazing sighting such as these and Samaná has considered one of the best places for humpback whale watching is just a short day excursion from your home.

Los Haitises National Park

The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s best national parks and Los Haitises is an awe-inspiring natural marvel that is nothing short of truly spectacular. Once used as a filming location for the Jurassic Park film, one may visualize the grandiosity of its 30-meter (98-foot) high rock formations jutting out of the water, extensive mangroves along its bay, majestic birds in flight, and series of caves known for having one of the highest numbers of petroglyphs and pictographs in the country. Covering an area stretching 1,600 km², Los Haitises nurtures one of the Dominican Republic’s few remaining rainforests. Explore the park by boat from Samaná, hike its rainforest to view flora up close, or kayak along with the park’s extensive landscapes. You’ll likely spot the endangered Ridgway’s Hawk, the Hispaniolan Piculet, the Hispaniolan Woodpecker, as well as pelicans, frigate birds, and herons along the way..


Scuba Coral Reefs

Scuba Diving opens up a whole new world of exploration. Discovering the mysterious depths offshores, you’ll find coral reefs teeming with life, exotic fish, and plant life. The underwater world of the Dominican Republic is as mysterious as it is fascinating where you’ll find a whole new appreciation for the fragility of our oceans. Uncover shipwrecks deep beneath the peninsula’s surrounding coral reefs where treacherous Atlantic waves have caused many ships to lose their plunder along the way. Visit gorgeous, unspoiled beaches with abundant multicolored marine life remains of galleons and caves. Explore 40-meter (131-foot) wall dives off of islands, spot turtles and eagle rays or snorkel amid colorful fish. Whether a novice or diving enthusiast, underwater submerged forests, sandy bottoms, and large rocky walls make the Dominican Republic one of the most delightful sites for snorkeling, day, or night diving.

Deep Sea Fishing

Home to big game fishing with surrounding waters holding some large species including marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish, grouper, and trophy-sized Billfish, the Dominican Republic is an angler’s paradise. It’s hard to find a better combination for a perfect fishing trip with beautiful islands, breathtaking views, and generous sea, local to some of nature’s most amazing fast and strong creatures. Wetting a line in the beautiful azure waters surrounding the island just a few miles from your home is an experience like none other. For a paradise that invites you to get away from it all, soak up the sun and discover the ultimate in saltwater fishing adventures, there is nowhere better than the Dominican Republic.


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